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So basically, school work is eating up all my time. (even my sleeping and tumblr time) We’re down to the 5th week at my school and all I can say is I AM REALLY BEGINNING TO HATE THE PERSON WHO DID OUR CURRICULUM.

  • I really thought that I’ll be learning a lot from our professor in Analytical Chemistry. Turns out, I liked my old professor better because I learned more from her.
  • I feel like I’m going to flunk math this term. Quiz 1 <///3
  • I have to cram studying for the geo100 quiz on saturday. Two chapters worth of information is hard to learn in one week, and they say our professor gives really hard questions.
  • I cannot handle 3 science courses in a term. :(((
  • In other news, I ranked 2nd in our program. (They say I rank 1st technically because the rank 1’s a third year student) But yeah just let  me brag a bit please. lol
TGIF? (How about no)

1st Five Days of Second Year College

  • Day 1, Monday: For the first time, all of the professors I had attended the first class. I was overwhelmed with how crowded the school was. WELCOME BATCH 14! (ESPECIALLY GEO & GSE STUDENTS HI :D) I got Sir Ascuncion for SS11, Ma’am Martin for AnaChem and Sir Baun for Physics.
  • Day 2, Tuesday: For the second time, I don’t have anyone to talk to during math again. But that’s okay because I like my professor, Ma’am Teodoro. Maybe 1 1/2 hours of being quiet in Math23 isn’t that bad. Then I got Sir Baun for physics lab too. (they say he’s a terror prof huhu)
  • Day 3, Wednesday: No classes.
  • Day 4, Thursday: I only had Math, so after class I went to Ana’s room and stayed there for a while. When their prof didn’t arrive we went to SM Manila.
  • Day 5, Friday: I am starting to feel that this term would be a hard one. AnaChem Lab proved to me a while ago that it wasn’t going to be easy. We were bored with a 2 hour “orientation” lecture. I zoned out after the first 20 minutes.

Tomorrow, we’ll meet our geo100 prof (who they say is a terror prof too). Looks like I need an extra push for this term.

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What I’ve been doing (so far) this term break

  • During our last day of finals we got to go home early so I tried killing time at Cubao for a bit. I went to Farmers to try looking for loom band materials (because I was meaning to try making one) that had a nice quality (for me). I don’t like the loom bands I see sometimes because of the ‘jeje’-like color they had. I found one that I liked and bought a pack of white and teal bands. I liked how it turned out but maybe that would be my last loom band.
  • I asked my dad to buy me some oreos and pancake mix because I wanted to try making Wicked Oreos. My first try was okay. My family loved the taste. Next week I’ll try making cake pops.
  • Two bracelets I made. The first one’s a daisy chain and the second one is a kumihimo bracelet. Will be selling them (through my ig account maybe).

my favorite shot while we were at Manila Bay

Late Post: June 28, 2014 at MOA

Before the math finals on Monday, I got to unwind a bit with my A47 blockmates at MOA. We went there to attend the NCAA Season Opening, which was a requirement for our PE Class.


We only stayed there to watch the program.


After that, we went to Pizza Hut to have lunch. Pizza was kinda our block favorite. Who doesn’t love pizza? I ended up eating a lot. huhu hello fat stomach

Then, we went to Timezone. We played a bit of the games then my friends went to the other part of Timezone to play billiards. Ana, Sean and I also played darts. I was horrible at it, so I was so delighted when I got a bull’s eye.


Lastly, we stayed a bit at the sea side to wait for the sunset. But it was already a bit late for us (since we have to study for finals) so we didn’t have the chance to see the beautiful Manila bay sunset.


Still, we got to see this. I played a bit with my phone camera. (I forgot my camera at home) Next time, we plan to try the rides there and wait for the sunset.

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