A week before school starts, I got to spend quality time with some of my closest friends (Ashley, Ann Marie and Reigina)

The first on our to do list was to go bowling at SM Fairview. For first timers, we looked funny trying to get a strike. Then, we also tried the Silver Streak ride at SM Storyland. We also went strolling for a bit at Fairview Terraces. Then we went grocery shopping for snacks.

We stayed at Reigina’s place for the sleepover. We roamed around at their subdivision, then ate dinner and watched Starting Over Again. After that we just watched random videos and made chocolate pancakes. We only got to sleep for a bit, but we sure had fun.

I hope next time we get to be complete though.

School’s just around the corner, and the only reason that makes me look forward to it are these awesome people. College life is never boring with these guys.

I think something’s wrong with my tumblr ask. -_- Sorry if there are unanswered messages.

Not really active here because so far my summer’s very boring. I’m mostly at home slacking around (and sometimes) doing chores. Hahaha Yes, that’s another irrelevant photo.

I’m more active on twitter though. Follow me @antonelss :)

Man alone measures time.

Man alone chimes the hour.

And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures.

A fear of time running out.

- Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

My brother graduated yesterday. He finally made it.

Now, on to the next chapter in his book-college. Your very clingy and weird sister will always be here guiding you. I’ll make sure that I’ll be your number one math tutor (I’ll try my best). Good luck brotha and remember to do your best always.

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